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The SISCone Jet Algorithm

Version 3.0.4

SISCone  3.0.4
siscone::Cmomentum Class Reference

base class for dynamic coordinates management More...

#include <momentum.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Cmomentum ()
 default ctor
 Cmomentum (double _px, double _py, double _pz, double _E)
 ctor with initialisation
 Cmomentum (double _eta, double _phi, Creference _ref)
 ctor with detailed initialisation
 ~Cmomentum ()
 default dtor
double perp () const
 computes pT
double perp2 () const
 computes pT^2
double mass () const
 computes m
double mass2 () const
 computes m^2
double perpmass () const
 transverse mass, mt = sqrt(pt^2+m^2) = sqrt(E^2 - pz^2)
double perpmass2 () const
 transverse mass squared, mt^2 = pt^2+m^2 = E^2 - pz^2
double Et () const
 computes transverse energy
double Et2 () const
 computes transverse energy (squared)
Cmomentumoperator= (const Cmomentum &v)
 assignment of vectors
const Cmomentum operator+ (const Cmomentum &v)
 addition of vectors !!! WARNING !!! no updating of eta and phi !!!
Cmomentumoperator+= (const Cmomentum &v)
 incrementation of vectors !!! WARNING !!! no updating of eta and phi !!!
Cmomentumoperator-= (const Cmomentum &v)
 decrementation of vectors !!! WARNING !!! no updating of eta and phi !!!
void build_etaphi ()
 build eta-phi from 4-momentum info !!! WARNING !!! !!! computing eta and phi is time-consuming !!! !!! use this whenever you need eta or phi !!! !!! automatically called for single-particle !!!

Public Attributes

double px
double py
double pz
double E
double eta
 particle pseudo-rapidity
double phi
 particle azimuthal angle
int parent_index
 particle number in the parent list
int index
 internal particle number
Creference ref
 reference number for the vector

Detailed Description

base class for dynamic coordinates management

This class contains the information for particle or group of particles management. It includes all Lorentz properties as well as tools for summing them. Note: 'sums' over phi angles are indeed averages. This allows to deal with periodicity at each step

Definition at line 49 of file momentum.h.

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